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This is a pleasant vision of modern life from the perspective of some authentically unique dolls that live on windshields or the rear windows of cars – just like the ones we all have in our cars. The characters are toys … and made of plastic, vinyl, recycled paper, cardboard or felt. Travis, the headliner, lives in a normal automobile and leads a pretty normal life… except that he’s much more than just a simple doll stuck on a car window. Oh, and watch out! There’s always a Sucker ready to indentify itself with some denizen or other of the big city…the rest of the crew are Kawaii, Mc Speacker,
Vandross Brothers and Panda-8.

Based on an original long-run cartoon series (104 x 2’) insuring great impact on viewers.
For kids from 6 to 12 years

There are no dialogues at the episodes.
Original Music & Sound Design are present in all stories.

Alex Candela , Henry Saiz & myself made the music , voices, sound design and all the audio process at Flow Audio and took us about 2 years of production.

I´ve created original sounds effects using differents technics as foley ,sampling and virtual synthesis.


Best Comedy Prize from the MIPCOM JR Kids’ Jury 2009 & 2010 (Cannes)
Third Prize 3D at Art Futura ( Spain)


Suckers premiered at Disney XD on February 27, 2010 in the United States and is also broadcast on Disney XD channels in Europe, Africa, Australia, Japan and India, as well as on channels from other countries such as Clan (TVE), France 3, TVC,
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2×2 in Russia, Once TV Mexico or K2 in Italy,
MTV (Australia and New Zealand), and MTV Dance (UK),
SPACETOON in Indonesiand MTV India dub Hindi
Now is available in Netflix!

Co-production by Screen 21, Genoma Animation and Televisió de Catalunya and BRB Internacional